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The Truth About Bachelor Parties

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Got you w/ the clickbait, ha. Well, I mean kind of; because the media captured for this post did happen in fact during what was originally intended to be a 4-5 day bender in celebration of an approaching marriage as well as an easy warmup to train for an upcoming trip to the Middle/South Pacific, but what ensued was what I've come to find is all too predictable in this life; the Eastern side of the Pacific flared to life in an ethereal way, when it pushed swell after swell onto the Mexican coast accompanied by still, nearly oil-slick like conditions and subtropical water temperature for 6+days in a row. The partying was unlike what the title of this post would've perhaps originally led you to believe, but long story short, it was epic and no one missed their flight! (Albeit, I heard it was close).

*Just understood that phrase about where the magic happens

*Waves like these help

*My padrino, my brada, and my shameless plug for b3boardbags

*The sunsets were mental

*Spent 5 min debating whether to photoshop that leash out, but then I remembered dinging boards isn't cool so it stays

*Then it started snowing

*But it's just 'cause Uncle Raj got the grill going

*Note the butter

*By then, things were starting to blur

*Probably in part due to a couple of these

*And all the sun-soaked hours chasing these

*Samplings courtesy of the mavic pro 2

*Did I mention that the sunsets were fvcking awesome

PS. Stay tuned, the moving images are rendering.

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